Studies have shown that approximately 12% of the population suffers from Migraine headaches.  There are many types and causes of headaches and migraines and there are many avenues of treatment as well.  If you believe you may suffer from headaches or migraines, we are here to help.  If you are a new patient, please download and complete this Headache Diary and bring with you for your first appointment.  It will help your provider to help determine what types of headache or migraine you may be having,  possible triggers and what treatment may be right for you.                                                                                     



We offer extensive therapeutic treatment options including:


            Education &  Lifestyle management –  Learn More

Botox injections (Botulinum toxin) –  Learn More

            SPG Blocks/Trigeminal Nerve Blocks via Sphenocath    Learn More    

Occipital Nerve Blocks,  Trigger Point Injections –  Learn More

Medication Therapy