EMG and NCS      What Are They?

(Our offices does require referral from your physician for these procedures.)


What is Electromyography?

Electromyography, or EMG, measures the function of the muscles and the electrical connections between the nerves and the muscles. This involves putting a small needle into the muscles being tested and asking you to contract these muscles. The needle is approximately the same size as an acupuncture needle. The needles are single use disposable needles and there is no risk of transmission of blood borne diseases between patients.

What are Nerve Conduction Studies?


Nerve Conduction Studies, or NCS, is a commonly performed test designed to give information about diseases and injuries to nerves and muscles. It involves having small electrical impulses applied to the skin over the nerves. These pulses will cause the muscles to contract producing a sensation that may be uncomfortable but not usually painful.


How do I prepare for these tests?

Your physician has ordered these tests for you and will give you any necessary instructions. Unless otherwise stated by your physician, you should take your medications as usual. Because the electrodes and needles need to be applied direction to the skin, you should wear suitable clothing that allows access to the nerves in the area of the body being tested. Our office provides disposable gowns and disposable shorts if you prefer not to wear short sleeves or shorts to the office. When nerves in the leg, buttock or groin area are being tested, please do not wear stockings, tights or tight leggings.

Please do not apply moisturizer or makeup to areas of your face or body to be tested by NCS.

The duration of the tests can vary depending on the complexity of the procedures performed, but you should allow up to an hour for the test. The results will be forwarded to your physician within one week and he will go over those with you.

 It is your responsibility to check with your insurance carrier to see if these tests require

deductible or coinsurance due from you.  These procedures can vary in cost from $300

to $1200 CPT codes for nerve studies can be one of the following: 95907, 95908, 95909,

95910, 95911, 95912 or 95913.  CPT codes for EMGs are 95885 or 95886. If your

appointment is not canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours or you fail to show for

your appointment, you will be charged a fee of $150.00.